Cooking for Krsna

Guidelines when  cooking Prasadam

“Cooking means if you have no appetite, it will create appetite. That is cooking, not that simply some ghee and masala and cook it. No. It is a great art.” Srila Prabhupada Room Conversation, 02-19-77, Mayapur

Preparing bhoga or food offering for Lord is an opportunity only fortunate souls get. When preparing Prasadam for Lord Krsihna, please follow below guidelines as purity is the most important ingredient of cooking for the Supreme Lord.


  • Please take bath before cooking and wear fresh clothes.
  • Hands, legs & mouth should be washed, before touching the vessel or cooking ingredients. Also after passing water.
  • Should take bath after using toilet or cleaning the child of it.
  • Cooking place and around should be cleaned before cooking.
  • Cooking should not be done side-by-side while eating or feeding others/children.
  • Cooked food should not be tasted before offering it to the Supreme Lord. Even a part of it should also not be used/consumed before the offering is completed in the temple.
  • New set of utensils should be used for Deity cooking.
  • Onion, garlic, egg, sea-food, mushroom, stale food-stuff, food-stuff having animal product or intoxicants, ingredients  already used or partly consumed should not be used in the preparations.
  • Please chant few rounds of Hare Krishna Maha-mantra with concentration before cooking. This shall help increase purity & devotion.
  • Dry prasad items for offering can be prepared beforehand following the above rules and regulations but do NOT use the part of it for house consumption before offering is complete in the temple.
  • Not to store the prepared items in the boxes used for eating or party takeouts. Preferably new ones or the ones which you are using specifically of the Deities.
  • Personally cooked items with above guidelines are invited.
  • Should avoid bringing readymade cooked items purchased from market.
  • If one cannot follow above guidelines or are consuming non-veg, they can kindly bring raw milk, fruits, vegetables, groceries which can be used for Deity cooking later in the temple.
  • Service is for ALL. Though service forms may change, there is no reason for not offering service to the Supreme Lord.