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Rules and Regulations for cooking Prasadam
Please take bath before cooking and wear fresh clothes.
Hands & mouth should be washed, before touching the vessel or cooking ingredients
Cooking place and around should be cleaned before cooking.
Cooking should not be done side-by-side while eating or feeding others/children
Cooked food should NOT be tasted before offering it to the Supreme Lord.
Vessels used for non-veg food should NOT be used for Lord's cooking.
Please use separate vessels.
Onion, garlic, egg, sea-food, mushroom, stale food-stuff, food-stuff having animal product or intoxicants, food already offered or food partly consumed should NOT be used in the offering.
Please chant few rounds of Hare Krishna Maha-mantra with concentration before cooking. This shall help increase purity & devotion.
Dry prasad items for offering can be prepared beforehand following the above rules and regulations.

Guidelines when  cooking Prasadam