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Ram-Navami-2010 Report


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Ram-Navami-2010 Report

Organized by ISKCON New Gaya Dhaam, Tokyo, Japan.
On 13-March-2010 (Saturday, 4:00 PM Onwards).
At Koto-ku Bunka Center, Tokyo, Japan.
Hare Krishna dear all:
Please accept our humble obeisance. All glories to Srila Prabhupad.
Ram Navami-2010 was celebrated with lot of enthusiasm & devotion in Tokyo on 13-March-2010 at Koto-ku Bunka Center.
Devotees including the small kids had been working hard to make this program a success.
For the first time festival invitations were sent in different regional languages.
The Prasadam cooking team started their day from 3:00 AM to make nice Prasadam for one and all. Prasadam distribution team ensured that all were satisfied and no one left without partaking the mercy - Prasad.
Setup team started preps at the hall from 10:00 AM to set things in place to welcome the guests.
Lobby hosted the Temple Alter with Deities of Shri Radha-Govindji, Shri Sita-Ram-Laxman-Hanuman, Shri Pancha-tattva and Srila Prabhupad.
It also had Reception, Temple Activity Stall, Spiritual Book/CD Stall and Vedic Culture School Stall.
The program started with invocation from Brahma-Samhita, chanted in a very devotional voice & melody - Govindam adi purusham tam ham bhajami.....
Then 18 kids took over the stage to glorify the greatest devotee of Lord Ramchandra. Anyone's guess? Yes. Shri Hanumanji - Jai Hanuman gyan guna saagar.....
They then chanted melodious Hare Krishna Mahamantra accompanied by Piano, Tabla, Harmonium & Keyboard.
Japanese performers of Natyam group presented Bharat Natyam on traditional & fusion chants describing various incarnations.
Then the little tots from Vedic Culture School captivated the audience with their fancy dress-up as Dasaavataar. Each kid chanting the Stotra and describing the avataar they represented with blow-up on background Video screen. Accompanying light background music added to the ambiance. Finally the Vedic School teachers & kids chanted the Dasavataar Stotra in unison. Some parents who were unaware of the Vedic School were immediately inspired to put their kids in spiritual care of the school and did their registration.
Mantra Meditation workshop took the flow towards sober & introspective direction. Practical techniques were demonstrated on how to take on the mind with the power of the holynames of the Supreme Lord. All guests whole-heartedly participated in the group chanting to energize the atmosphere with spirituality. "Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare; Hare Ram Hare Ram, Ram Ram Hare Hare" as preached by Lord Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.
Govindas Bhajan Group took control of the attention of the audience with their expert orchestra which included Drums, Mridanga, Kartaal, Trumpet, Harmonium, Flute, Piano, etc. It took the guests on heels with some kids coming up-stage to express their joy. All were Japanese participants in traditional Indian dresses, chanting Vedic Prayers on western & traditional music. Perfect unity in diversity.
Ram-lila drama (Exile of Ram & Bharat-Milap) took the audience into history, thousands of years back, when these incidents actually happened. Kids in their teens with  increasing enthusiasm and expertise compelled the audience to compare them to professionally trained artists. Each and every character gave their 100% to portray great & sacred literature - Ramayan.
Guests were taken through different temple activities which are at their service. Like weekly Satsang programs; Yagyas, pujas & offerings at the Temple; Vedic Culture School & Bhakta Prahlad School for kids; Outdoor Sankirtan; Temple at your door-step; Pure Vegetarian Restaurants; Hindustani classical music, etc.
With the days being numbered for the history to unfold when New Vedic Temple & Culture Center would grace the land of the rising sun, updates were presented on New Temple Project. Different programs for all of us to participate in, like, Join Hands to Synergize, Become a Temple Pillar, Mark Your Square, Temple in your Home, Harinaam-Sankirtan, Distribute Books, etc.
Join Hands to Synergize, Temple in your Home, Harinaam-Sankirtan, Distribute Books:
Then the final Aarti & offering begun accompanied by traditional Harinaam-Sankirtan where everybody participated whole heartedly, leaving their ego off-stage & enthusiastically dancing on the chants and for the pleasure of Supreme Lord and their own self.
Assembled guests came on stage to have close darshan of their beloved Lord and offer their prayers & flowers at His Lotus feet. This is an intense & intimate experience for the devotees.
Guests were gifted with spiritual DVD & New Temple coin box to take something home and spiritualize their own & children's consciousness.
Many DVDs/spiritual books and Prasadam Plates were distributed to assembled guests & participants.
Some Japanese guests had their first experience of Vedic culture in Japan at the fest.
Thank you very much to one and all for all your contribution in terms of blessings, good wishes, attendance, voluntary services, sponsorships, etc. to make this program a grand success. The happiness on the faces of all who assembled was the testimony to this. Volunteers were focused to serve the Supreme Lord & His devotees forgetting their personal comfort and with pure & selfless motivation.
Shri Ramchandra Bhagavan ki Jai !!!!!
Next big festival is Shri Krishna Janmashtmi. Please mark the date and book it for Lord Krishna. Hope to see you soon.
DATE: 4-September-2010 (Saturday)
TIME: 4:00 PM onwards
PROGRAM: Krishna-Lila Drama, Govinda Bhajan Group, Vedic School Show, Kids Program, Maha-Aarti, Video Show, Dinner Prasadam.
VENUE: Tower Hall Funabori, 4-1-1, Funabori, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo 134-0009.
DIRECTION: Just opposite to Funabori stn. (North Exit) on Toei-Shinjuku Line.
PHONE: 03-5343-9147, 080-5412-2528, 080-5405-8977, 080-3753-5097
HALL PHONE: 03-5676-2211
BUSES: 21 (From Nishi-Kasai, Shin-Koiwa), 24 (From Kasai), 25 (From Kasai, Kinshicho).
ENTRY DONATION: 1,000 yen. (500 yen for kids, 5-12 years.)
FREE DVD Gift for all Guests.
Shri Krishna Bhagavan ki Jai !!!!!
Yours in the service of the Supreme Lord,
ISKCON New Gaya Dhaam, Tokyo, Japan.