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Shri Krishna Janmashtmi Mahotsav

ISKCON-Japan (Tokyo), 9-Sep-2007 

Hare Krishna dear Prabhus/Matajis,

Please accept our humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupad 

It was one of the great Janmashtmi festivals celebrated in Tokyo on9/9/2007. More than 500 devotees assembled to celebrate this auspiciousoccassion of Lord Krishna's birth. 


The celebrations started with melodious chanting of Damodar Ashtakamand its narration in English & Japanese. This is a sweet lila inwhich Lord Krishna is tied with a rope of love by Mother Yashoda. 


Along with the chanting of Brahma-Samhita, Deities of Sri SriRadha-Krishna were bathed with Milk, Yogurt, Ghee, Honey & Sugarwater. Devotees were having darshan with great devotion, focusing theireyes on the transcendental form of Their Lordships. Abhishek is usuallyperformed on the Appearance days of the Supreme Lord. The Panchamrtaprasad was distributed to the guests later. 


Then it was children's turn to show their might.

Kids dressed in colorful dresses of Gopis gave a glimpse of thetranscendental appearance of the Supreme Lord. The first dance was"Janam Lino" depicting Lord Krishna's birth and how Vasudev-ji took Himacross the Yamuna from Mathura to Gokul. 

Next was a bhajan by kids, which described various names of LordKrishna depicting His sweet pastimes - "Jai Govinda Gopala ManmohanShyam Kanhaiya Murlidhar Gopala Ghanshyam Nanda ke lala....." 

Then the young kids dressed up as cowherd boys (Gopas) in colorfuloutfits performed "Makhan chori" dance with sweet little Krishna in thecenter. 

Kids and the teachers had worked hard for 3 months to rehearse the dances.

Assembled devotees were captivated by the sweetness of Krishna Lilawhich came up so nicely when sweetly performed by sweet kids. "MadhuramMadhuram....." 


ISKCON-Japan is coming-up with an ambitious project to Radha-KrishnaTemple in Tokyo. A brief powerpoint presentation was given with facts,figures, progress and necessity of this project. An appeal was made todevotees to join hands for this noble spiritual cause for benefit ofone and all. 


Senior Japanese devotees with their devotional potency of decades ofKrishna bhakti expertly presented different bhajans and finally madeall the guests chant, reverberating the hall with the transcendentalsound vibration. 


"Govinda ala re....." (Govinda is coming.....) is a spiritual cumsocial cum traditional event in West India where people gather to break"makhan/dahi-handi" (butter-pots). It again depicts the lila in whichLord Krishna along with His Gopa friends used to break butter pots inthe house of the Gopis. On the request of some enthusiastic devoteesthis event was also performed to involve participation of assembleddevotees. 


Assembled devotees performed Jhulan seva (swinging Baby Krishna),offered flowers at the Lotus Feet of Laddu-Gopal and took the blessingsof Sri Sri Nitai-Gaurasundara who were dressed in traditional Japaneseoutfit - "Kimono". 


All partook the Mahaprasad which was expertly prepared by devotees which involved lot of endeavor & devotion. 

Though the organizing devotees thought that there were areas ofimprovement, the guests thought it otherwise and were completelysatisfied. It seemed as if Yoga-maya enveloped everyone. They expresseddeep gratitude and happiness in attending this festival. 

Hoynames were chanted by one and all, 300+ books and 500+ prasadam plates were distributed. 

The highlight was the spirit of devotion, cooperation and selflessendeavor to please the Supreme Lord and serve His devotees who hadgathered in big number. 

After the grand success of the festival, devotees are enlivened andare enthusiastically coming forward to have more such festivals andwork for the new temple project. 

Please find below the links to photos/vidoes of the celebrations. 

Thank you very much for your participation to make this event a memorable one. 

Next Janmashtmi will be celebrated on 7-Sep-2008 (Sunday, 4~7 PM) at Funabori Tower Hall, Tokyo.

Please mark this day. Krishna willing, we will serve to make this event bigger than ever.


your servants in the service of Lord Shri Krishna,

devotees @ ISKCON-Japan.